Sunday, January 30, 2005

Soundtrack for feet and heart warm bath: The Dears

On foot in the snow. I came home on foot, printing off my shoes in the snow!
It’s so banal – you will say – that’s wintertime. Well, It’s true, but at my seaside town last times were 1985 (I remember some flocks of snow) and, back, 1956 (I was still not planned)!!!
3 kilometers from home the bus said “Farewell”, the wheels spinning without moving in any direction on the white-covered road. In few minutes the same way for all the cars, not equipped for snow travel, and a big queue started to form.
I got off the bus and I walked along the road that leads to my town, dropping the hill.
While I walked on, a fascinating and unusual show, the one that only nature can give: the snow upon the sea.
I walked in the middle of the road, where the snow was thinner. A smaller danger to slip on the ice, a big risk to be hit by car. From the cars someone invited me inside. I keep go ahead. I spent almost 1 hour to reach home.
I was a kind of ice cube when I arrived. Upon my face the cold drawn a smile or a paresis beginning. My frozen feet hurt me; back to life in a smoking warm bath.
Murray Lightburn’s hot velvet voice and The Dears soft music blanket melted the rest away, covering me just like a lovely caress. The smile remained.

"No cities left" on sale in Italy only since autumn 2004, despite the rest of the world.
Buy it here.

Here come 2 tracks from the album:
The Dears - No cities left - 01 - We can have it (removed link)
The Dears - No cities left - 03 - Lost in the plot (removed link)


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