Sunday, February 27, 2005

Meanwhile in Italy .... (Part #2)

Part #2
Strictly talking about music ..... at least trying...!

Sometimes a child makes us wonder for unexpected genius.
Sometimes a crazy man makes the same for wise words.
Sometimes God speaks through the voice of a child or a crazy man.
Sometimes, stealing childish and crazy attitudes, someone prefers to play music.
Jennifer Gentle do that.

"Valende" - their 3rd album and the 1st after they signed with Sub Pop - is a trip into late '60s-'70s psychedelic suggestions, hanging in the balance between pop songs and experimental, drifting away from realty. Garage, odd folk, keyboards à la Manzarek and a lonely dive into Barrett moods. Circle spiralling on themselves.
Here are 2 songs from "Valende":
Jennifer Gentle - I do dream you
Jennifer Gentle - Universal daughter

In these days there is another record that reminds me of images and thoughts of dilatation and saturation. If Jennifer search for them at the inside, Franklin Delano stretch them outside.

Their "Like a smoking gun in front of me" is a kite with a cold steel wire linked to your soul that takes you miles away in a desert.
Those visions and this electric new folk as soundtrack.
Everywhere this new folk saturates the space.
It freezes me. And thrills me.
It's elsewhere. Nowhere from Italy.
Is it an escape? A getaway?
Is it an abandon? A renounce?
Are we running away from something?
.... I said I try not talking more about politics.
Franklin Delano - Sounds like rain
Franklin Delano - Please remember me

And listen these recent records:
...A toys orchestra - Peter Pan syndrome
...A toys orchestra - Modern lucky man
Uncode duello - Soundtrack for UD
Blessed child opera - Flashing lights

... waiting for the forthcoming albums of
Marlene Kuntz
Yuppie Flu

... and moving on tour with:

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Meanwhile in Italy .... (Part #1)

Some days ago somebody asked me for news from Italy. Here they come!

Part #1
(Please skip if you are not interested to know my personal political ideas)

Strange coincidences.
It happens that His Majesty The King of Jokes/The Joker Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, our (not mine!) president - while he keeps being a pusher of illusions, staying at government and on TVs (all of his own property or control), and giving hand to Mr. George W. Bush into Iraqi illegal war, while with the other hand he breaks down the welfere state and the workers' conquests and the democracy and the freedom - is going to write lyrics that some menestrel of his regime will sing, just when a victim of his executions, Daniele Luttazzi - the satire comedian censored and purged from TVs togheter with many other comedians and opinionists in few years - has recorded his first (and only) album of songs composed during last 25 years.
Daniele vs Silvio. Who do you root for?
Daniele Luttazzi - Money for dope
(removed link)
Silvio Berlusconi - Io berlusca che non sono altro (This is a joke! An exe file. Don't worry! It's virus free!)
Buy Luttazzi's album here and support his shows.

Here you can find some of the Luttazzi's pungent satirical gags, that caused his purge (+ Benigni and other comedians' gags against Berlusconi).

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Factory's new beginning: Raw-T

Manchester's legendary Factory label - midwife of british new wave during 70's-80's, featuring Joy Division, New Order, Durutti Column, OMD and others - is back on the track again! For the fourth time!
F4 is the new label's logo that replaces the older which fans were fond of.

Click here to access to "old Factory" web pages.

Click here to access "new Factory" web pages.
To persuade Tony Wilson, the boss, to one more attempt the adventure, that revealed Ian Curtis's shortest spring to the world, this time was a young collective from Manchester: Raw-T.

Aged about 17 (on average), they melt hip hop and garage, giving new british soil to american street colture's roots.
"Switch/Ego" was the debut 12", released in december 2004.
"Realise and witness" will be their first full length album, out in march 2005.
"Where we live", scheduled for february 21, is the antipasto.
Raw-T - Where we live (removed link)

Monday, February 07, 2005

The "day after" syndrome: in memory of Bob Marley

It happened with iraqi war.
It happened with asian tzunami.
It happens everyday at every corner.
Immediately after a tragic event - natural catastrophe or terrorist act - worldwide people join the indignation and the sorrow and the solidarity with the victims.
The day after those feelings are already gone.
While elsewhere some people still suffer from yesterday's event and hope somebody helps, putting feelings aside, we - the luckiest ones - we let ourselves be distracted by daily well-being life little preoccupations.
Such hypocrisy!
Yesterday there was Bob Marley (02/06/1945 – 05/11/1981) 60th birthday celebration.

I forgot it.
I forgot it while newspapers and TVs - probably less sensible than me for some themes - talked largely about it, bringing Africa, or better some african folklore, to light.
But perhaps I would have to admit that my greater forgetfulness was not that.
Searching for names and titles of my records collection black and afroamericans musicians are few, too few, although they started music.
Am I unconsciously racist?
Perhaps yes. My displeasure and excuses for that.
I know that's not enough to solve people's troubles and I know asking for excuses is not enough to modify our western wasteful lifestyle, without to renounce to something for the weakest and poorest ones.
That's not enough, but I want to start remember it to me just today, the day after.
For Bob, For Africa and for every south of the world and towns.
Bob Marley – Could you be loved (removed link)
Bob Marley - Get up stand up (removed link)
When I listen these songs, I can't stop my feet and heart and mind.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hella: 2 disc double solo record

"Church Gone Wild/ Chirpin Hard" is going to be out in few weeks: beginning of march as Hella's webpages say.

Suicide Squeeze label will release this new Sacramento's duo work.
Some teachers of musical critic wrote on the blackboard the equation: Hella = math rock.
But that one is an equation with no solutions.
Much more than staccato guitar and drums parts, back and forth, stop and start.
Much more than virtuosism.
Much more than shit on the sheet music.
Zach Hill and Spencer Seim do not believe in that cruel and cold god in the name of which prog and metal musicians have often been sacrificed on the altar of the music.
Not a crazy race toward the trap to reach the false heaven of the perfection but the consciousness and the acceptance of the death of the god and the ability to resist the consequences. Searching for new musical experiences and emotions in many different directions. So, fast talking each other, Zach - the drummer - expands to outise the borders of the rhythm, in“Church Gone Wild”, while Spencer - the guitarist - contaminates them from the inside, in “Chirpin Hard” .
Here come 2 tracks:
Hella - Church Gone Wild - We was just boys, living in a dead ass german shepard
Hella - Chirpin Hard - Song from uncle