Monday, February 07, 2005

The "day after" syndrome: in memory of Bob Marley

It happened with iraqi war.
It happened with asian tzunami.
It happens everyday at every corner.
Immediately after a tragic event - natural catastrophe or terrorist act - worldwide people join the indignation and the sorrow and the solidarity with the victims.
The day after those feelings are already gone.
While elsewhere some people still suffer from yesterday's event and hope somebody helps, putting feelings aside, we - the luckiest ones - we let ourselves be distracted by daily well-being life little preoccupations.
Such hypocrisy!
Yesterday there was Bob Marley (02/06/1945 – 05/11/1981) 60th birthday celebration.

I forgot it.
I forgot it while newspapers and TVs - probably less sensible than me for some themes - talked largely about it, bringing Africa, or better some african folklore, to light.
But perhaps I would have to admit that my greater forgetfulness was not that.
Searching for names and titles of my records collection black and afroamericans musicians are few, too few, although they started music.
Am I unconsciously racist?
Perhaps yes. My displeasure and excuses for that.
I know that's not enough to solve people's troubles and I know asking for excuses is not enough to modify our western wasteful lifestyle, without to renounce to something for the weakest and poorest ones.
That's not enough, but I want to start remember it to me just today, the day after.
For Bob, For Africa and for every south of the world and towns.
Bob Marley – Could you be loved (removed link)
Bob Marley - Get up stand up (removed link)
When I listen these songs, I can't stop my feet and heart and mind.


Anonymous Twiddle said...

I Love Bob with all my heart an soul.liveing inside us he,ll never grow old. Love You Always! Love Twiddle

11:38 AM  

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