Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hella: 2 disc double solo record

"Church Gone Wild/ Chirpin Hard" is going to be out in few weeks: beginning of march as Hella's webpages say.

Suicide Squeeze label will release this new Sacramento's duo work.
Some teachers of musical critic wrote on the blackboard the equation: Hella = math rock.
But that one is an equation with no solutions.
Much more than staccato guitar and drums parts, back and forth, stop and start.
Much more than virtuosism.
Much more than shit on the sheet music.
Zach Hill and Spencer Seim do not believe in that cruel and cold god in the name of which prog and metal musicians have often been sacrificed on the altar of the music.
Not a crazy race toward the trap to reach the false heaven of the perfection but the consciousness and the acceptance of the death of the god and the ability to resist the consequences. Searching for new musical experiences and emotions in many different directions. So, fast talking each other, Zach - the drummer - expands to outise the borders of the rhythm, in“Church Gone Wild”, while Spencer - the guitarist - contaminates them from the inside, in “Chirpin Hard” .
Here come 2 tracks:
Hella - Church Gone Wild - We was just boys, living in a dead ass german shepard
Hella - Chirpin Hard - Song from uncle


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