Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Meanwhile in Italy .... (Part #1)

Some days ago somebody asked me for news from Italy. Here they come!

Part #1
(Please skip if you are not interested to know my personal political ideas)

Strange coincidences.
It happens that His Majesty The King of Jokes/The Joker Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, our (not mine!) president - while he keeps being a pusher of illusions, staying at government and on TVs (all of his own property or control), and giving hand to Mr. George W. Bush into Iraqi illegal war, while with the other hand he breaks down the welfere state and the workers' conquests and the democracy and the freedom - is going to write lyrics that some menestrel of his regime will sing, just when a victim of his executions, Daniele Luttazzi - the satire comedian censored and purged from TVs togheter with many other comedians and opinionists in few years - has recorded his first (and only) album of songs composed during last 25 years.
Daniele vs Silvio. Who do you root for?
Daniele Luttazzi - Money for dope
(removed link)
Silvio Berlusconi - Io berlusca che non sono altro (This is a joke! An exe file. Don't worry! It's virus free!)
Buy Luttazzi's album here and support his shows.

Here you can find some of the Luttazzi's pungent satirical gags, that caused his purge (+ Benigni and other comedians' gags against Berlusconi).


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