Sunday, February 27, 2005

Meanwhile in Italy .... (Part #2)

Part #2
Strictly talking about music ..... at least trying...!

Sometimes a child makes us wonder for unexpected genius.
Sometimes a crazy man makes the same for wise words.
Sometimes God speaks through the voice of a child or a crazy man.
Sometimes, stealing childish and crazy attitudes, someone prefers to play music.
Jennifer Gentle do that.

"Valende" - their 3rd album and the 1st after they signed with Sub Pop - is a trip into late '60s-'70s psychedelic suggestions, hanging in the balance between pop songs and experimental, drifting away from realty. Garage, odd folk, keyboards à la Manzarek and a lonely dive into Barrett moods. Circle spiralling on themselves.
Here are 2 songs from "Valende":
Jennifer Gentle - I do dream you
Jennifer Gentle - Universal daughter

In these days there is another record that reminds me of images and thoughts of dilatation and saturation. If Jennifer search for them at the inside, Franklin Delano stretch them outside.

Their "Like a smoking gun in front of me" is a kite with a cold steel wire linked to your soul that takes you miles away in a desert.
Those visions and this electric new folk as soundtrack.
Everywhere this new folk saturates the space.
It freezes me. And thrills me.
It's elsewhere. Nowhere from Italy.
Is it an escape? A getaway?
Is it an abandon? A renounce?
Are we running away from something?
.... I said I try not talking more about politics.
Franklin Delano - Sounds like rain
Franklin Delano - Please remember me

And listen these recent records:
...A toys orchestra - Peter Pan syndrome
...A toys orchestra - Modern lucky man
Uncode duello - Soundtrack for UD
Blessed child opera - Flashing lights

... waiting for the forthcoming albums of
Marlene Kuntz
Yuppie Flu

... and moving on tour with:


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