Monday, May 30, 2005

Visione Sinfonica - Your latest paintbrush

Once I asked an abstractist painter how he understood his painting was end and the last paintbrush was given. A smile was his only reply.
I'm listening to an italian band named Visione Sinfonica and their "Pittore del silenzio" and other songs.

I feel it's going to comunicate something to me, but it's a nonverbal communication. It trascends the audio and the word. I feel those sounds that fast flow along my body, just like the sharp walls of the precipice I'm falling into. I'm sinking. The sound scratches and tears off and bites my skin and my flesh. This nailed music assails and hooks me. Or it's me who's looking for an handhold?
Am I trying to take something out from these sounds or are they the ones who tryng to take something out from me? Something that can't go out and hides below the skin and the thoughts and the gaze.

I'm looking for words.
I'm looking for words.
Confused. All seems relative these days. I lost my habitual reference points. On instinct, nervously I overreact. To every single disturb or upset.
At the table I was careful to avoid dirtying myself. The stain that your accidentally flying salad fork left on my shirt can't be the last paintbrush.
Let's talk about togheter.

Visione Sinfonica - Senza titolo (download mp3)

Visione Sinfonica - Pittore del silenzio (download mp3)

Visione Sinfonica - Cuore/amore (download mp3)

Visione Sinfonica - Sul collo (download mp3)

Visione Sinfonica - Il sesto pezzo (download mp3)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Xiu Xiu - 5 new songs from forthcoming album La foret live @ LA March 4, 2005

I have listen to the new Xiu Xiu's album "La Foret" that will be released July 12 on 5 Rue Christine and Acuarela, but here instead of sharing new songs from the CD, I prefer to give live versions of 5 new songs to you, taken from the concert @ Echo, Los Angeles, California, last March 4, 2005.
My choice wants to respect the passionate bands and indie labels that keep on working to let alternative music emerge from the sea of corporations, away from their politics and earnings.

(by Roberta "saintbarbie" 2005)

Almost all along "La Foret" Jamie sings with a whispering and trembling voice. Going with a sad piano ("Mousey Toy") and more often with a deep and hot chord vibrating acoustic guitar ("Clover", "Baby Captain") it slowly slides, evoking oniric scenarios with synth and industrial sounds of sonic delirium and saturation, with wind instruments that cut the silence, with carillons, wheels, crazy tic tacs. Sometimes the total absence of tempo ("Ale") creates the panic of confusion, from which Jamie comes hanging on a prayer that however crushes on a thud noisy wall or under a martial rhythm. Only few flashlights: "Muppet Face" with a little upbeat guitar and the counter-singing by the sampled voice of a doll; "Pox", pure new wave song, with two lonely notes pulsating bass line and guitar chords, and techno bubble soap exploding all around, a real Xiu Xiu style anthem. Also when the band retrieves the melody and a more standard song playing to built a pop gem - "Bog People" - Jamie's hopeless singing sounds just like that one of a daying swan.

Live recording is not complete and I don't have the set list (May someone post it?).
Live @ Echo - Los Angeles, California, USA, March 4, 2005.

Xiu Xiu - 01 - Fabulous muscles

Xiu Xiu - 02 - Pox (Download)

Xiu Xiu - 03 - Bog People (Download)

Xiu Xiu - 04 - Ale (Download)

Xiu Xiu - 05 - Don Diasco

Xiu Xiu - 06 - Muppet Face (Download)

Xiu Xiu - 07 - Mousey Toy (Download) (partial)

Have a nice listening.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

CocoRosie – Noah’s Ark out in September. Here some new live songs

I have been turned on to the naïve world of CocoRosie by Nin-Com-Pop, excited coming from their concert in Faenza, Italy, last May 2004. Her beautiful review and pictures were like the advertisement sign of an ice cream parlour in the middle of the desert. The day after I bought “La maison de mon rêve” that loving coupled with my CD player for months.

Touch and Go Records now announces that the 2nd CocoRosie’s album “Noah’s ark” will be released in September 2005, disclosing new cover and track list.

1 - K-hole
2 - Beautiful boyz
3 - South 2nd
4 - Bear hides and buffalo
5 - Tekno love song
6 - The sea is calm
7 - Noah's ark
8 - Milk
9 - Armageddon
10 - Brazilian sun
11 - Bisounours
12 - Honey or tar

Waiting for September I have been around on the www to search for their recent live performances and tests of new material. I have found a handful of now songs: someone had a title, someone else not yet, perhaps only a demo.
Could you help me to identify what songs among the following will get on the “Noah’s Ark”?
Here they come:

Live @ La Guinguette Pirate, Paris, May 20, 2004

CocoRosie – Beautiful boyz

CocoRosie – Tekno love song

CocoRosie – untitled song #1

CocoRosie – untitled song #2

CocoRosie – untitled song #3

Live @ Radio Aligre FM, Paris, December 17, 2004

CocoRosie – K-hole

CocoRosie – Brazilian rain song

CocoRosie – Left hand shoe

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!