Monday, May 30, 2005

Visione Sinfonica - Your latest paintbrush

Once I asked an abstractist painter how he understood his painting was end and the last paintbrush was given. A smile was his only reply.
I'm listening to an italian band named Visione Sinfonica and their "Pittore del silenzio" and other songs.

I feel it's going to comunicate something to me, but it's a nonverbal communication. It trascends the audio and the word. I feel those sounds that fast flow along my body, just like the sharp walls of the precipice I'm falling into. I'm sinking. The sound scratches and tears off and bites my skin and my flesh. This nailed music assails and hooks me. Or it's me who's looking for an handhold?
Am I trying to take something out from these sounds or are they the ones who tryng to take something out from me? Something that can't go out and hides below the skin and the thoughts and the gaze.

I'm looking for words.
I'm looking for words.
Confused. All seems relative these days. I lost my habitual reference points. On instinct, nervously I overreact. To every single disturb or upset.
At the table I was careful to avoid dirtying myself. The stain that your accidentally flying salad fork left on my shirt can't be the last paintbrush.
Let's talk about togheter.

Visione Sinfonica - Senza titolo (download mp3)

Visione Sinfonica - Pittore del silenzio (download mp3)

Visione Sinfonica - Cuore/amore (download mp3)

Visione Sinfonica - Sul collo (download mp3)

Visione Sinfonica - Il sesto pezzo (download mp3)


Anonymous Giuseppe said...

I have listened to Visione Sinfonica.
I find their music really interesting.
I would like to see them live on a show.I think they offer their best live.
Do you know where do they come from?

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they're from naples
you can check if they have dates to "velvet" or mamamù" downtown, and maybe they could play to next neapolis.. hope so

6:59 AM  
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