Thursday, June 30, 2005

Coldplay pay tribute to Kylie Minogue @ Glastonbury (UK) festival, june 25, 2005

OK, I acknowledge that I like a bit of Coldplay.
Instead, what I dislike is the sprint race that mass media engaged, after they get Bono-God off the paradise’s throne, to achieve the beatification-sainthood for Chris Martin & Co., before of that one of Pope John Paul II, put on the fastest-track by Ratzinger (ooops…. Pope Benedict-Idon’trememberwhatnumber) to benefit for his own personal image.
So, also if I am sure that the tribute paid, last saturday june 25, 2005 @ Glastonbury (UK) festival, by Coldplay to the unlucky and convalescent popstar Kylie Minogue, was really true, sincere and honest, I can’t get read the spot light and emphasis given to this episode by mass-media as much as my reaction, within the framework of building “the prophecy of a new messiah’s advent”.
But alas, I can already hear the angels’ trumpets blare…..

OK, I acknowledge that I like a bit of Coldplay…. and I also like a bit of Kylie Minogue, that really looks like my ex-girlfriend.
Instead, what I dislike it’s just me, lately too intolerant and anger.
I apologise if I have offended any person, feeling or religious belief. Please, forgive me.
Thank you Chris. Come back soon Kylie.
From the BBC special of Glastonbury 2005, here comes the Coldplay’s tribute to Kylie Minogue:

Coldplay – Can’t get you out of my head (download real audio)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bachi da pietra – Italian alt-folk blues. Of bowels, of sweat, of fields and ground

I relax under the shadow in this afternoon summer heat. Right after the lunch. Outside all is quiet and the silence is all around this seaside suburb that hard upon the morning coming and going on the beach, at last exhausted falls asleep, turning away from the sea and hugging the campaign and the cropped fields, just on the inside.
Silence is really everywhere, except for the branches and the leaves caressed by a pleasant and heaven-sent breeze. Only from time to time the silence is broken by the rumble of a far bike that let you best enjoy this summer quiet with its making noise.
I relax and just now I start to enjoy my vacations.
From the low ground window with that light wind come inside the smells and the fragrances of the sunburned field, of the ripening fruits on the trees, of the flowers courted by propeller-whirring hornets, of the vegetables hanging at sun on a white wall, of the red wine left into the glass still held by the hand of the man fallen asleeping on a deck chair.
I relax and I let the music starts:

“Tornare nella terra” by Bachi da pietra, an Italian alt-folk-blues. Made of bowels, of sweat, of fields and ground. The sound is knead with the ground. The same ground who sands smelling messages to me. The sound is one with the ground. The voice is laying down on the music, just like bowing farmers in the fields to draw the lines. Sometimes it seems to only mime the words with the lips. Implied, just like the sweat, implied into the gesture that goes with. Another time it gives lyrics as charming as flavouring and charming as grapes from the grapevine. And it’s a chorus of percussions and strings, now beated and bited, now caressed and kissed by hard wine cellar and field’s working callused hands, by mouths closed up by the muggy weather and the nearby sea’s salt that burrows wrinkles into the burned faces.
I relax and this music is cradling me. It leads me in a trip into my teen memory, among the barrels of wine that inebriate if I was passing too close and the nettles that stinging my ankles while I’m working the ploughs to let the water flows into the ground.

Bachi da pietra - Solare (download mp3)

Buy "Tornare nella terra" by Bachi da pietra @ Wallace records.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Kill Rock Stars/5rc new releases: Need New Body and The Planet The. Pure fun and amusement

I'm listening at the new releases of Kill Rock Stars/5 Rue Christine recordings: Need New Body and The Planet The.

Need New Body - Where's Black Ben?

The Planet The - You Absorb My Vision

Both move with alternation between frenetic and broken rhythms, grinding halt and start again. Both got an approach that seems to be canonic and iconoclastic at the same time.
I love both. But they escape from any attempt of classification. I can't take them. Progressive? Punk? Funk? Or just Cabaret? Divertissement?
So different but so similar.
Suddenly the light.
Surfing the net, randomly I pick up this new: Berlusconi's fat sold for € 15.000.

And then all become clear and bright and I understand the real essence of both musical proposal: pure fun and amusement. The fun and the amusement that I wish to bring with myself, while I'm going to etch our beloved premier, Mr Berlusconi. I'm almost sure that Need New Body and The Planet The will be happy to play the soundtrack!

Need New Body - Eskimo (download mp3)

The Planet The - You absorb my vision (download mp3)

Buy Kill Rock Stars CDs here.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Calla - "It dawned on me" from forthcoming album "Collisions"

Sometimes I wish I could fall in love in front of a mobile phones or a dress shop window just like the majority of the people that live their lives with much lightness than me.
I understand that often to be always serious and to look for learned and cultured music also in the alternative/pop/punk/hardcore/noise stuff could be very very boring.
So, despite my original intension to review the dangerous cross between newyorker hip hop and italian jazzcore in the 2 songs split CD - Dälek vs. Zu - and also if purists will disagree, let me rejoice with the new
Calla's song "It dawned on me".
The song comes out from the only 300 copies limited "Collisionsworks" EP and anticipates the forthcoming next album "Collisions", out in late summer.

Without any of the well-read approach of the previous work "Televise".
Without any of that intellectual mixing between experimental and traditional.
Denuded of the slo-core dressing and psychedelic atmospheres, only a simple and basic pop song remains. With its catchy epic new wave 80's style incipit of the distorted guitar.
And that's all I need today!
It repeats and repeats again in my CD player.

Calla - It dawned on me (download mp3)