Sunday, June 12, 2005

Calla - "It dawned on me" from forthcoming album "Collisions"

Sometimes I wish I could fall in love in front of a mobile phones or a dress shop window just like the majority of the people that live their lives with much lightness than me.
I understand that often to be always serious and to look for learned and cultured music also in the alternative/pop/punk/hardcore/noise stuff could be very very boring.
So, despite my original intension to review the dangerous cross between newyorker hip hop and italian jazzcore in the 2 songs split CD - Dälek vs. Zu - and also if purists will disagree, let me rejoice with the new
Calla's song "It dawned on me".
The song comes out from the only 300 copies limited "Collisionsworks" EP and anticipates the forthcoming next album "Collisions", out in late summer.

Without any of the well-read approach of the previous work "Televise".
Without any of that intellectual mixing between experimental and traditional.
Denuded of the slo-core dressing and psychedelic atmospheres, only a simple and basic pop song remains. With its catchy epic new wave 80's style incipit of the distorted guitar.
And that's all I need today!
It repeats and repeats again in my CD player.

Calla - It dawned on me (download mp3)


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