Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ex Models' new album "Chrome panther" - Swallowing and vomiting back No wave. Post modern-primitivism and noise-trance

The italian indie label Psychotica records is going to become more and more an essential reference for those who search for new corrosive musical mixtures and extreme contaminations among noise, jazzcore, no wave, hip hop, punk and industrial.
Their new release, co-producted with the german X-Mist, is the 3rd work of the newyorkers Ex Models, "Chrome panther", out in Europe only on vinyl, everywhere on CD in late autumn.

I'm listening to the post-modern tribality oozing from the vinyl and I found myself thinking about the celebration of a tribal welcoming rite where the circle sitting guests are invited to join and share and drink from a cup, passed hand by hand, and where everyone vomit what he just get.
Ex Models do alike.
After a re-arrangement of the band that added to Shahin Motia-guitars+vocals and Zach Lehrhoff, bass+vocals, the drummer Kid Millions from Oneida, just like the fellow countrymen Liars, with this new work Ex Models swallow a more conscious and basic drink of the No Wave, chewing it with Punk-Funk and Kraut-Rock, spitting it with 25 years of New Wave, mixing togheter into the cup ed vomiting back with abrasive and tearing sounds.

The start is with the splinter “Chrome panthers”, shortest but devastating song, with the guitar strings rough rubbing till blood and vomit.
Then the cup moves to other hands. “That’s funny I don’t feel like a shithead” and “Mutiny” and here the odd and pulsating and creative Millions' drumming goes in resonance with the bass and guitar noisy loops. And the hisses and the whistlings and the larsens come in and out from the songs. Pure tribal and hypnotic trance.
You can hear the presence and the strength of the Oneida's drummer expecially in the ability to dilate the percussive action and to keep the trance on for a longest time. So the times become longer than the 1-2 minutes songs of the past.
The guitars (?) hisses and oinks yap again in "Buy american, a song that wraps itself in a spiralling loop like a dark blind tunnel with no exit, stage of a crazy and pervert race where the crying of the chased confuses with the rescue sirens, while the drumming beats its tempo with stop and go.
Odd tempos and staccato stratching guitars hang on also the next "Headlines" that resumes the hypnotic and ossessive trance rhythm, but here guitars and drums seems to almost change their roles each others. The sound wrap on itself like an ecstatic dancer that vacillates and loses any else reference except the obsessive frequency of the loop.
Ending "Crome hearts" is signed by a rhythm that moves from tribal to martial and the song is characterizes by screaming lyrics as liberation screams, repeating again and again, at the end drowning in a sonic and noisy wave of distorting guitars and hammering drums that sweeps and blazes all, closing the rite.
Buy the record @ Psychotica records.
Here 2 preview (samples ~ 30/40 sec) from the Ex Models web pages:

Ex Models – That’s funny I don’t feel like a shithead (download mp3 – partial)

Ex Models – Headlines (download mp3 – partial)