Friday, November 11, 2005

The USA is a monster – Wohaw. You can’t imprison a nation in a reserve. You can’t imprison the music in a label

It’s almost a month that I am listening it and It’s almost a month that I think to write about it.
I liked it since the first time, but I couldn’t catch it, couldn’t find the starting point. I was looking for a handhold, a keystone of this melting pot record: "Wohaw", the second album of The USA is a monster, on Load Records.

Perhaps I was making the same criminal error done by those people that tried to humble and attach oxbows to a whole people and nation, the native Indians, because I also was trying to brilant work in a reserve, a ghetto, with a musical label: Math-Metal? Or Prog-Core?. Or Noise-Folk? No. Nothing of all that. No strange coloured and exotic animal to exhibit and to watch ironically or scared behind the bars of a zoo, but the pride of a people translated in music by a duo, Tom on drums and keyboards, and Colin on guitars and vocals, that give us a parade of musical genres and styles, a wide variety of sounds and rhythms, an unbounded history that suddenly appears, like an endless line of horseback Indians above a bare hill. Not a menace, but a memory and a declaration of a greatness that demands respect. Rather an holyday of peoples and tribes, where the themes of Indian spirituality, ancestry and drums, live once again, running deep in the music and artwork, going with vitriolic political lyrics that seem arrows thrown against the silence. An holyday where, with Tom and Colin, this time, the conquerors are lending the sounds instead of bringing pain and screams. So Hella, Lighting Bolt, Oneida and hundreds of other musicians join together Apaches, Blackfoots, Cherokees, Comanches, Delawares, Mohawks, Iroquois, Sioux and hundreds of other tribes. Power metallic riffs join with tribal drummings, squeaks and squeals join with Indian chants. You can’t imprison a nation in a reserve. You can’t imprison the music in a label.
Here comes a song from "Wohaw":

The USA is a monster – Riff scientist (downalod mp3)