Thursday, December 29, 2005

Liars - New EP - It fit when I was a kid Learn the art and take it out when you need

Did that scene really take place in front of the artist's eyes or just comes from his fantasy? It was about 3 years ago and with this question in my mind I was admiring one of the erotic statues (say them pornographic) from the ancient Pompei held in the National Archaeological Museum of Napoli but rarely exposed: not the usual statue of a warrior or an athlete but a Satyr that has sex with a goat! Fact or fiction? "Art" would be the right answer. And "art" is the answer for those who are querying about the cover and the sound of the new Liars EP "It fit when I was a kid" on Mute Records, prelude to the forthcoming new album "Drum's not dead", out in the 2006.

(click here to see the uncensored cover)

Somebody already consider it the worst cover of the history of the music and somebody just free porn, worse because it's gay porn!But is simply art. Art. What else could you expect from two playful ex-Los Angeles art school students like Aaron Hemphill e Angus Andrew?
The skills in arts come out. In the artwork of the EP cover and in the music too. The coat of the punk funk paint of the first album "They threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top" that permanent left its stain on all the papers is slowly fading away. And also the concept album as a canvas where shapes and suonds were created and modelled, like in the second "They were wrong so we drowned" with its imaginery of witches and woods, now seemstoo obsolete and redundant. In this last 4 songs EP (3+1 remix of the titletrack) Liars seem to hone their arty approach to the music and dedicate to the aesthetical research of essential components of the music andlife and society: the beat. The rhythm that beats the life. From the pulse of the heart of a foetus in the womb of the mother, to the pulse of the bodies making sex, to the pulse of acollective body, a crowd, that sings a monotonous prayer that leads to hypnotical trance statesand approaches the divine. The obsessive pulse of the minimalistic tribal tom tom in the titletrack "It fit when I was a kid"are nothing else than a celebration of the life and of its rhythms and definitively of the human nature and of its need of a metronome giving a trace to follow if not a sense to the life. The Angus deep and mysterious voice goes with the music, reciting undecipherable and cryptic lyrics. In the middle the voice go up the scales of an organ and the song turns into a medieval ritual chant, almost envoking or evoking a superhuman presence. So thrilling!

The tracks 2 and 3 of Liars' new EP will be not in the forthcoming album "Drum's not dead". "The Frozen Glacier Of Mastodon Blood" is characterized by continuous distorted and vibrating chords of strings that create an atmosphere of tension and wait, almost forced in a rhythmic cage by an incisive drumming that plays odd patterns. The rhythm stops just for a while to let the voice of Angus give vent and then it starts again always precise and metronomic, but with a different drum pattern. At the end of the song the vibrating strings escape from the rhythmic lock of the drumming and they seem to scratch the air searching for flesh before they definitively go out into the silence.
In "Bingo! Count Draculuck" an obsessed Angus repeats "Are you all right?" again and again while agrowing noise open a glimmer in the silence and soon metallic percussions of strings and drums make it a big leak.
The 4th track of the EP "Don't techno for an answer" is a techno remix of the titletrack that exasperates that research of the beat, going crazy toward post-human and trans-human.
Great EP.
Buy it @ Mute Records.

Two cover art versions are available as the original artwork may be too hard for some. Created by Julian Gross, the uncensored version is only available for sale through Liars' website and features the sleeve on edible paper.

Here you can listen to the titletrack

"It fit when I was a kid"

RealAudio Hi
RealAudio Lo
WindowsMedia Hi
WindowsMedia Lo

The EP also includes 3 video tracks of the songs 1, 2 and 3 made respectively by Julian Gross, Aaron Hemphill and Angus Andrew.

Here you can see the low-budget video of "It fit when I was a kid"




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